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>> yes. the initial was a large line from the shoreline to knock down as much of the surface fire as we could. right now, we're deploying fire boat 84 from contra costa county fire to try to get to the fire that's underneath. >> reporter: thank you. now, because of all the activity out here, part of loring avenue is closed to traffic this morning but again they are actively fighting that fire at the pier and i did ask the chief if this is a popular pier where people like to do a lot of fishing he said not really it's usually abandoned. it's closed to a sugar factory so the workers there are on fire watch looking for debris in the water. elissa harrington, cbs 5. >> thank you. incredible video. >> we thought it wasn't going to impact amtrak. the union pacific railroad tracks run through the area so for a while they closed them
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down and reopened it. now there are systemwide delays on the capitol corridor line. obviously check ahead call your carrier if you ride capitol corridor amtrak. major systemwide delays is what they are calling them. so usually that's a half hour or more. it's not impacting traffic now on the carquinez bridge. as you just heard elissa mention, there are doing some traffic control. they have some city street closures around the waterfront area in crockett at jackson and loring but the main lines of the freeway interstate 80 the carquinez bridge is a mile or less from where the fire is burning so never really impacted bridge traffic. for more on the cold temperatures, let's go to lawrence with the very latest on that. >> yeah. continuing very cold around the bay area not much wind today. so the temperatures actually a little colder than yesterday morning at this time. out there right now, there are a few clouds that continue to move across our skies as well but really not much. and that air is very cold and it is still dry. so the temperatures really dropping off overnight. we have some freeze warnings up until 9:00 this morning in many
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of the interior valleys. frost advisories even inside the bay. these temperatures could wind up mid-20s in some of the coldest spots. 30s elsewhere. right now you have 28 degrees in santa rosa. 29 in the napa valley. 33 in san jose. and 29 degrees in livermore. by the afternoon, we should see some pleasant weather mostly sunny and these temperatures a little bit warmer than yesterday. in fact, this is going to be the beginning of a warming trend probably 60s as early as tomorrow. maybe some spring-like temperatures to round out the week. and no rain in sight just yet. >> we like it. >> we do. >> i mean, what more can we say? we have been in the deep freeze for, what, a week now? >> i could say a lot! >> that's right. we only give you 2 minutes. >> get the hook! get this guy out of here. [ laughter ] the cold weather is driving some produce prices higher. farm workers worked all day yesterday trying to protect crops from another night of frost. this morning it's down into the low 30s in the fields around monterey bay. temperatures were low enough monday morning to kill the crop
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but the cold did some cosmetic damage and will reduce the shelf life artichokes. >> the longer the damaging freeze the more the tissue will turn black. but we haven't gotten there yet. >> but consumers are already feeling the consequences. at a salinas produce stand citrus prices have nearly doubled from last week. owners say that reflects shortages and extra costs to growers. a north bay neighborhood filled with towering redwoods lost one of those trees and their power when it came tumbling down. expert think the tree's roots rotted out from under it. nobody was hurt by the big falling tree. pg&e was able to restore power to the area overnight. and to pinpoint how cold it's going to get in your neighborhood, go to and click on the weather tab. 6:04 now. a dead body discovered under suspicious circumstances in sonoma county. investigators found a car in a no parking zone last night on
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petaluma road north of east cotati avenue. that's near sonoma state university. the trunk unlocked and when they opened it up there was a body inside. it was wrapped in a blanket. investigators say the car is as they put it associated with persons wanted for questioning in a crime in the santa rosa area. city leaders in oakland say gang activity is a big reason behind a surge of violence over the weekend. there were 16 shootings during a span of 72 hours that ended yesterday. four of the victims died all within a six-hour stretch on friday. police chief howard jordan says most of the recent violence is traced to two feuding gangs. he says over the past several months, about 90% of the city's shootings, robberies and homicides r linked to -- are linked to the summer murder of a gang member's girlfriend. he wouldn't identify the gangs involved but chief jordan says police have arrested one suspect and three persons of interest in connection with friday's shooting. a nationally renowned police expert who may be hired
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as a consultant in oakland is an advocate for the controversial stop and frisk method. former los angeles police chief william bratton says the tactic is necessary to get illegal guns off the streets. stop and frisk policies vary between cities and are under heavy scrutiny by civil rights advocates. >> you don't get to stop random people walking down the street just because they're an african male, just because they're young and live in a certain neighborhood. we are against that. >> every police department in america does it. the challenge is to do it constitutionally within the law. the challenge is to do it compassionately; you're dealing with human beings. >> if the city council approves bratton's contract as expected, he will start work in oakland february 10. president obama will unveil details of his plan to reduce gun violence as soon as this week. >> he briefly discussed it yesterday in his last scheduled news conference of his first term. >> i'm confident that there's some steps that we can take that doesn't require
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legislation and that are within my authority as president. and where you get a step that has the opportunity to reduce the possibility of gun violence, then i want to go ahead and take it. >> the president's plan is expected to include a ban on high capacity magazines and stricter background checks for gun buyers. the president is still reviewing recommendations from the gun task force that was led by vice president joe biden. state lawmakers in new york are expected to pass the nation's most restrictive gun law later today. the measure has already passed the state senate and is now before the assembly. it would increase sentences for gun crimes, ban internet sales of assault weapons and make it a misdemeanor for failing to safely store weapons. and marin county is having a gun buy-back event at several locations today between 11 a.m. and 8 p.m. this evening. the locations are the police stations in san rafael, larkspur, novato and the point reyes station as well as saint
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andrew's church in marin city. people can turn in operable semi-automatic weapons in exchange for $200 and other firearms for $100. the program has a no questions asked policy. san jose has a new acting police chief. didn'tty chief larry esquivel will serve as interim chief for chris moore retiring on friday. he has been with the san jose police department for 27 years. other bay area headlines, this is closure day for some fire stations in contra costa county. stations in lafayette, martinez and walnut creek are being shut down to save money. and a station in clayton will remain open but only for 36 hours a week. contra costa county supervisors approved the closures after voters rejected a property tax increase. the san mateo city council is ordering a convenience store to close just weeks after it opened. neighbors of the 7-eleven on
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north san mateo drive complained that it was on property that is zoned residential. the city council agreed and voted last night to shut the store down. an appeal is expected. 6:09 now. the tanker that scraped a bay bridge tower last week made a sudden change in course right before that crash. the ship was on course to pass between the c and d towers on the bridge but the bay area news group reports it made a quick turn to the right to go between the d and the e towers instead and that's when it bumped the e tower. settlements are expected in more than 300 claims against pg&e after the san bruno pipeline explosion that killed eight people. attorneys think those cases will be settled in the next three months as the utility hopes to avoid going to trial. already 120 cases have been settled through mediation. and today lance armstrong confirmed what a lot of people have believed all along. >> this after years of denying that he doped. cbs has learned that in an
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interview with oprah today armstrong confessed he used performance-enhancing drugs to win the tour de france. oprah says the interview lasted 2.5 hours and she was surprised by some of armstrong's answers to her questions. she says he seemed ready to let it all out. >> i would say he did not come clean in the manner that i expected. it was surprising to me. i would say this, uhm, for myself, my team, all of us in the room, we were mesmerized and riveted by some of his answers. >> anne arundel strong's admission could lead to a lawsuit from the federal government. he accepted sponsorship money from the u.s. postal service and now he is accused of defrauding the feds out of money. you can hear more from oprah coming up on "cbs this morning" at 8:00. we have been asking you all morning what's your reaction to lance armstrong's coming clean: acebook or twitter or e-mail us at mornings at cbs 5 dot com. the time is 6- a new warn
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you can comment on facebook or twitter, or email us at i think we're a little surprised just because he was so adamant in saying i did not do this, did not do this and now all of a sudden guess what. >> he denied it for a long time. so i'll be interested to see the interview. >> 8:00 with oprah on "cbs this morning" and then thursday i guess and friday coming up. it's 6:11. a new warning about unsafe levels of mercury in our fish. >> plus, fearing the flu. the vaccine is selling out fast! where you can still find flu shots right here in the bay area. >> and creative cure? how vodka saved a little puppy's life. we'll explain coming up.
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[ telephone rings ] good evening this is flo. [laughs] yes, i'm that flo. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive. crashed it into an apartment building near stockholm. swedish investigators say a woman stole an empty commuter train today and crashed it into
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an apartment building near stockholm. the only person injured is the suspect who was brought to the hospital and arrested on suspicion of endangering the public. the train went a mile before it jumped the tracks. she hijacked it for a joyride. >> something you don't hear about every day. >> that's a new one. 6:15. let's get over to elizabeth covering the fire in crockett. >> that's right. it sounds like for the most part the fire is out but now we have a new issue. major capitol corridor delays. if you are just waking up we took this video a little while ago as fire crews and boats are working to put out the fire. it was in an abandoned building at the pier along the waterfront in crockett as you mentioned close to the carquinez bridge. we also have live chopper 5 pictures near jackson and loring. traffic no issue. sounds like loring is still blocked off in the area doing minor traffic control in the area but again, it's pretty close to the union pacific railroad tracks so they are
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saying major systemwide delays for capitol corridor for amtrak riders as that investigation continues. no impact right now on the carquinez bridge by the way. never really did. bay bridge they just turned on the metering lights a little while ago so this is what it looks like now. it's backing up at least toward the very end of the parking lot towards the first overcrossing. so at least 10 or 15 minutes to get on the bay bridge. we were worried that they had a three-car crash on the upper deck blocking lanes but they quickly cleared it so never really caused a dent in the morning drive. the nimitz 880 in oakland not too bad as you pass the coliseum. let's talk about the 580 commute. if you are traveling through the altamont pass, we are seeing a little delay now approaching vasco road. you can see in the drive time it's up to 24 minutes between the altamont pass and the
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dublin interchange. another really slow spot that highway 4 commute. just your usual stuff. they did wrap up the roadwork in the eastbound lanes. and all mass transit once again except capitol corridor is reporting no delays. that's a check of your "timesaver traffic." lawrence says we get a sneak peek of spring coming up. >> yeah. wouldn't that be nice after such a cold start to the last couple mornings? it looks like things begin to heat up a little bit. right now a few clouds making their way into our skies and offshore wind continuing. that is bringing us that cold air from the continent, very dry air making its way in across the bay area. so if you are headed outside grab a jacket, grab the gloves. it's a chilly start to the day. 29 in concord. 29 degrees also in livermore. 28 one of the cold spots in santa rosa. and 33 degrees just above freezing in san jose. so we have some freeze warnings in effect across the interior valleys for this morning until 9:00. frost advisory also just inside the bay. overnight lows still plunging down to the 20s and 30s probably going to cool off a
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little more before we start to warm up with some sunshine as we head in toward the middle of the day. it will be mostly sunny this afternoon. temperatures slightly warmer than yesterday but warmer days are ahead and as elizabeth mentioned maybe some spring- like conditions as we get into tomorrow and probably for the remainder of the week. all courtesy of this big ridge of high pressure that will begin to build overhead. as it does the trajectory of the air is going to change a little bit so that cold air is going to move further east. that means we'll warm up outside and the temperatures going to be rather pleasant. numbers for today, plan on 50s in toward the sacramento valley. about 54 in fresno. 57 degrees into monterey bay. our skies just a couple of passing high clouds. otherwise, we are looking good. and then again it looks like another cold start to the morning early on tomorrow morning before we have some more sunshine and warmer weather coming our way. temperatures expected to be in the 50s in the south bay today as high as 56 in san jose. 55 in palo alto. and 56 in redwood city. mainly into the 50s in the east bay, as well. then you could see some upper 50s in the north bay as high as 58 in santa rosa and 56 in san
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leandro. next couple of days, we are going to see a lot of sunshine, in fact how about some mid-60s as we get in toward the middle of the week? well, rounding out the end of the week no rain at least right through the weekend. sunny and dry and very spring- like. still a little chilly in the morning but this is probably the last real cold morning today. it's chilly out there. >> good. i need to get my kids to the park. >> need a nice hot cup of coffee. >> and that. we haven't had any coffee this morning. >> what is up with that?! the coffeemaker broke! need to get that fixed. [ laughter ] if you haven't gotten the flu yet, like lawrence just did, you probably know someone who has. so far california hasn't been hit as hard as the rest of the country. but doctors say that could change. and public health officials say the best option now for a flu shot is to go to your doctor because they use different supplies than the big box stores that are running out. >> that doesn't mean that there's no vaccine. people sometimes forget that their own healthcare providers have vaccines. >> california is not sharing any of its supply to the states
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that are running out. instead they are saving it for the weeks ahead. and we checked around. most cvs stores in the bay area are sold out of the flu shot but you can get it in palo alto on el camino real, in san jose near westgate mall, and in fremont at the hub. all right, michelle. 6:20 now. it's been reported all over the world: people who eat fish are getting too much mercury. a study of samples from eight countries found more than 80% of human hair samples had mercury levels exceeding the epa limits. the biodiversity research institute also found mercury levels in fish above safe levels, as well. a nine-week-old puppy in australia is saved by an unusual treatment involving vodka. >> i guess so. an american staff if i named cleo was just hours away from a fatal kid and a failure after licking antifreeze but then a veterinarian came up with a cure, a vodka trip through the dog's nose. >> it is toxins in that called ethylene glycol and they're
6:20 am
very, very harmful to the kidneys so what we need to do is give them alcohol and in this case we gave her vodka to try to and mop up some of those toxins. >> quite funny flushing her with vodka to make it better. >> apparently it worked. over two days the puppy consumed more than a third of the bottle and we're happy to report that cleo is now back to full health on a water diet although she does have an affinity for vodka apparently. maybe grey goose or something. [ laughter ] >> why not. >> it worked. >> get the good stuff. 6:21. coming up the as make a decision about manager bob melvin's future with the team. >> forget basketball. how about turtles? the magic moves that have earned this the play of the day. @"
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♪ ♪ ♪ i'm halfway to your heart ♪ ♪ you have to let me know ♪ ♪ so i don't make my worst mistake ♪ ♪ turn around and let you go ♪ [ female announcer ] when sweet and salty come together, the taste is irresistible. made with sweet, smooth peanut butter and salted, roasted peanuts. sweet and salty nut bars by nature valley. nature at its most delicious. years.. the a's added two years to melvin's contract to keep him e 51- year- old well, oakland as bob melvin has two four years on
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his contract to stay until 2016. the 51-year-old melvin won american league manager of the year honors last season and he led the as to the west division title with the lowest payroll in the majors and 12 rookies. good for him. basketball fans in sacramento are acting -- trying to keep the kings from moving. >> there you go. i figured it out. they launched a website asking people to pledge to buy season ticket packages if new local owners emerge. if the team stays in town the list of ticket buy, would be given to the team's sales staff. this follows news last week that the current owners the maloof brothers are in talks to sell the franchise to a group up north in seattle. play of the day happens to be from the nba. orlando's smith with a little maneuver to block a shot from washington's john wall. take a look, coming in, over the head, come back, turn around... and he's going to block it the other way. >> look at that over the head and then turnaround. love that. >> cool. that's a cool move.
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>> that is your play of the day. it's 6:26 right now. coming up, lance armstrong admits doping to oprah. can the apology repair the damage. >> plus a costly cold snap. how the freezing temperatures are already driving up prices at the supermarket. >> a suspicious fire burning in crockett on a pier. what firefighters are saying about what happened a couple of years ago at this same spot.
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. chilly temperatures showing up outside even colder than yesterday at this time. >> the california cold snap keeps us in the chill. >> for the whole state to be
6:29 am
hit all on the same day, it's pretty rare. >> so far, california farmers have spent an estimated $10 million on efforts to mitigate the damage from the frost. >> for any city to say they don't do stop and fritz, i'm sorry, they don't know what they are talking about. >> a lawman pitches a crime- fighting tactic for oakland. >> you don't stop random people down the street. >> president obama is expected to unveil his plans to reduce gun violence in the coming days. >> if there is a step we can take that will save even one child from what happened in newtown, we should take that step. >> lance armstrong comes clean to the queen of tv. it was surprising to me. we were mesmerized and riveted by some of his answers. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "eyewitness news this morning." captions by: caption colorado
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good morning. it's tuesday january 15. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it's 6:31. we begin with a suspicious fire hitting the waterfront in crockett early this morning. it's going to be burning for a while on a pier in the carquinez strait. elissa harrington is in crockett where the fire hit a building that burned a couple of years ago. >> reporter: good morning. this fire started burning around 3:45 this morning and could burn for hours more because flames are trapped under the pier making them very hard to access. now, what's burning is the wooden pier and also an abandoned structure on the pier. firefighters are calling this suspicious because there's no electricity or ignition source down there and the pier has burned before. that was a few years ago and they say they never figured out a cause. the fire this morning went to one alarm. firefighters used a hose line from the waterfront and also some fire boats. this pier is located just a few yards away from the scene at a sugar factory in crockett.
6:31 am
firefighters are concerned about debris. >> the concern is always that there will be floating burning debris that could get underneath their very large wooden piers that they have on the north side so they have been notified. they have people that are watching for such material. we have already had some materials get well out into the water. >> reporter: we have some video from chopper 5 to give you a better idea of where this is all happening near loring avenue in crockett. part of the road is closed while firefighters continue to battle those flames. nobody was hurt and again that fire still under investigation. back live the fire boat is still out in the water and again, firefighters monitoring the scene very closely. they say they don't expect it to spread and that everybody who lives in the area is safe. reporting live in crockett, elissa harrington, cbs 5. it was causing some train service problems too. is that still going on, liz? >> actually we just heard full
6:32 am
service is now restored on the capitol corridor line for amtrak between richmond and martinez. unfortunately, we are still seeing those residual delays about 45 minutes right now the very latest. so 45-minute delays systemwide for capitol corridor but as they get trains running again we expect those to dissipate as the morning continues. in the meantime as you may have heard elissa say there are some city street closures around where that pier fire was burning near jackson and loring avenue. major bridge traffic no problems carquinez bridge to the maze at the limit right now. here's the golden gate bridge. not too bad towards san francisco both directions. a little bit of brake lights right now on westbound 237 leaving milpitas heading towards san jose. very towards zanker road. coming up a check of the bay bridge. in the meantime, cold temperatures, lack of coffee. what's going on? >> i'm more concerned about lack of coffee this morning. >> me, too. >> especially working the morning show.
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>> it's an important thing. >> that's a disaster! [ laughter ] >> outside we have very chilly temperatures to begin with. hopefully you have your coffee or hot chocolate ready to go. it is a cold start to the day. those offshore winds continuing bringing with it cold arctic air plunging into the bay area once again. freeze warnings up for many of the interior valleys. numbers dropping down to the 20s and the 30s this morning. even the frost advisory inside the bay. 20s in the valley, 28 santa rosa, 28 napa, 29 concord, 28 fairfield and 29 livermore more. lots of 30s inside the valleys. so a very cold start to the morning. by the afternoon, these temperatures will moderate quite a bit today probably slightly warmer than yesterday up into the 50s. a lot of sunshine and probably seeing 60s almost spring-like outside. if you couldn't see these folks were yawning over here. we need some coffee! [ laughter ] >> we need our coffee machine
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to start working. >> sending is in from starbucks, pete's. crops in california fields are more costly by the day because of a cold weather that has temperatures below freezing again today in many farming areas. workers are doing what they can to keep the crops from freezing but it's already too late to keep prices on some produce from soaring. to find out how cold it's going to get in your neighborhood, go to our website, it is 6:35. developing news. a body turns up under suspicious circumstances in moment? county. investigators found a car in a no parking zone near sonoma state university. the trunk was unlocked. when opened there was a body inside in a blanket. investigators think it's linked to a crime in santa rosa but no further details. city lead others in oakland say they are not ready to declare a state of emergency despite a sudden surge of
6:35 am
violence over the weekend. there were 16 shootings during a span of 72 hours that ended yesterday. as you can see four victims died all within a six-hour stretch. police chief howard jordan says most of the recent violence is traced to two feuding gangs. over the past several months 90% of the city's crimes are linked to the summer murder of a girlfriend. he wouldn't identify the gangs. the chief says they have arrested one suspect and three persons of interest in connection with the shootings on friday. marin county is having a gun buy-back event at several locations today between 11 a.m. and 8 p.m. the locations are police stations in san rafael, larkspur, novato and point reyes station, as well as saint andrew's church in marin city. people can turn in operable semi-automatic weapons in exchange for $200 and other firearms for $100. no questions asked. a gun buy-back event is also planned for next monday at
6:36 am
the san rafael and mill valley police departments. that colorado movie theater where a gunman killed a dozen people last july is re-opening for business later this week. today and tomorrow survivors of the victims families will be allowed to tour the remodeled and renamed century aurora theater. the complex opens thursday with a ceremony honoring the dead. in southern california 16- year-old has been charged as an adult in connection with that shooting at a kern county high school outside bakersfield. bryan oliver pled not guilty yesterday at a bakersfield courtroom. prosecutors said he wounded a classmate in taft on thursday and tried to target another. he could face a sentence of 32 years to life in i will just a minute several students say he had been the target of bullying lance armstrong finally admitted using performance- enhancing drugs during an interview with oprah winfrey. >> as cbs news
6:37 am
reports, he talked exclusively with oprah winfrey this morning. >> reporter: oprah winfrey said he did not come clean as expected but he answered the doping allegations against him. >> the answers that people around the world have been waiting to hear were answered and certainly answered i can only say i was satisfied by the answers. >> reporter: for decades armstrong has strongly denied allegations that he used performance-enhancing drugs and dared anyone who challenged him to prove it. >> i think he was just -- he was just ready. i think the velocity of everything that's come at him in the past several months and particularly in the past several weeks he was just ready. >> reporter: it's well known that winfrey and "cbs this morning" anchor gayle king have been friends for decades. at times, king guided winfrey along during the interview. >> it's being described oprah as an emotional interview. what does that mean? >> well, i would say there
6:38 am
were a couple of times where he was emotional. but emotional doesn't begin to describe the intensity or the difficulties that i think that he experienced. >> reporter: the u.s. anti- doping agency stripped armstrong of his tour titles last year after an exhaustive investigation. legal experts say armstrong's admission now leaves him open to lawsuits and possible criminal charges veneta mier, cbs news, new york. >> that 2.5-hour interview will air on oprah's network on thursday night. and you can see more of oprah at 8:00 on "cbs this morning." got to watch that. >> yes. >> reporter: the mystery should be solved today at menlo park. so far facebook said nothing about its major press event the company's first sincists rocky initial public offering. kcbs radio's matt bigler joins us now with the latest speculation. matt, we all want to know. >> reporter: yes, we all do and the big question is, what has
6:39 am
facebook been building? and i use that word "building" because that's the only clue as to what facebook might be doing. they sent out an invitation last week to reporters that read "come see what we're building." that led to rampant rumors speculating about anything from a facebook branded smartphone to a facebook social media search engine, maybe a new building at menlo park headquarters. we really don't know. facebook has done a great job of keeping this under wraps not unlike apple. most analysts agree that whatever facebook has built,it will probably have something to do with mobile. it will be some sort of new software. and there's a lot of interest in this social media search engine which could be very interesting. it could combine your friends, likes and recommendations along with other information on the web to come up with search results specifically tailored to you, the facebook user.
6:40 am
it's never been done before and if facebook attempts this, it will be like i said very interesting and it will mean that facebook is more directly competing with google, which has its own social media network called google plus but nowhere near the numbers of users compared to facebook. whatever facebook is announcing, it will be at 10 a.m. mark zuckerberg is expected to take the stage at company headquarters in menlo park. so stay tuned. live in san jose, i'm matt bigler, for cbs 5. >> that was one big giant tease, matt. >> it was. we're all trying to figure it out. >> reporter: sorry i can't give you more. >> thank you, kcbs radio's matt bigler. are you looking for a job? we are going to tell you which big box retailer wants to hire more than 100,000 veterans. >> plus, a teen hit by a taxi and trapped underneath. what rescuers did next to save his life. >> the market opened up 10 minutes ago. let's take a check of the early numbers on this tuesday. right now, we are off a tad.
6:41 am
but we have plenty of time. kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks will talk all things business when we come back.
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taxi and pinned underneath it. police say he ran into traffic rose cue crews rushed to the scene after a -- rescue crews rushed to the scene after a 19-year-old was pinned under a taxi after he ran into a traffic after a foot outside a restaurant. at least a -- after a fight outside the restaurant. at least a dozen people helped lift the taxi off the teen. the teen is now in critical condition and police say the taxi driver will not face charges. screaming there, too. >> yeah. today marks four years since a pilot from danville named sully pulled off the miracle on the hudson river. >> hard to believe it's been four years but it was january 15, 2009, when the u.s. airways passenger jet struck a flock of birds disabling both engines and forcing an emergency landing. and you see it there on the
6:45 am
hudson river in new york. all 155 people aboard the plane survived. still an amazing story. >> it really is. and four years? time flies. >> you work in business and this business so long but you see things like that, that's one of those things that really sticks out. >> you never forget. >> he has gone on and done very well. >> remarkable guy. i believe he works for cbs now and has been here a number of times. but i have heard him speak and he as amazing, a professor. >> had to be amazing to land that thing on there. >> very true. let's talk some weather, shall we? >> yes. >> cold temperatures no coffee around here in the studio today but looks like we have good weather coming our way as we'll warm up outside. grab a couple hot chocolate out the door. it's cold in spots colder than yesterday morning at this time. we have a couple of high clouds drifting overhead. otherwise, skies going to stay clear. the temperatures plunging once again down to 29 degrees in concord. 28 in santa rosa. 29 in livermore. and 37 degrees even in san francisco. it looks like these cold
6:46 am
temperatures are particular into the valleys. freeze -- are continuing into the valleys. freeze warnings and frost advisory inside the bay with these cold temperatures down in the 20s and 30s this morning. now, as we head throughout the day today, we'll see mostly sunny skies just a few passing high clouds. the temperatures will be slightly warmer by the afternoon. but i think much warmer days are on the horizon as high pressure is going to be building in. this whole ridge is going to slide in across the west coast and as it does, all that cold air will move further east. our temperatures are going to start to warm up well into the 60s in many spots maybe even feeling like spring. temperatures around the state today still cool in spots only 53 degrees in sacramento. 41 in lake tahoe and 39 degrees in yosemite. and looks like our futurecast model showing your skies clearing out nicely with the exception of a couple of passing high clouds. it looks like it should be a nice day. a little cold tomorrow morning but not as cold as this morning. temperatures today 56 in san jose, 55 san mateo, east bay temperatures in the 50s in most spots maybe even some upper 50s
6:47 am
today in places like petaluma also into santa rosa and into oakland, as well. over the next couple of days warmer weather returns some mid- 60s by tomorrow in the warmest spots, mild through thursday and friday and dry through the weekend elizabeth and knows at cold. >> mother nature tricking us a little bit thinking spring is coming a little early. speaking of the heat, we're heating up a little bit over at the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights have been on since they turned them on a little after 6:00 like 6:05, 6:06, at least 15 minutes to get on the bay bridge but fortunately, no big incidents so just the usual commute maybe a little lighter than typical for this time of the morning. elsewhere major systemwide delays capitol corridor since that fire, the pier fire in crockett. it was close to the union pacific railroad tracks there along the waterfront. so they have service restored between martinez and richmond but they are still saying
6:48 am
expect delays of around 45 minutes or so and there are also city street closures in crockett near where the investigation continues at jackson and loring avenue. golden gate bridge no problems heading into san francisco towards doyle drive. every morning around 6:45 we start to see delays around the bend. this is 880/237. stop and go towards zanker road. all other mass transit is on time. traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. back to you guys. americans apparently went on a big shopping spree over the holidays. oh, boy don't i know it. here now is kcbs financial reporter jason brooks. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the economy very happy to hear that. we saw a better-than-expected rise in retail sales in december up .5% overall from the month of november. that was better than expected
6:49 am
given all the stress regarding the "fiscal cliff" threats and when you lock at the best performing category cars and trucks, 1.6% up overall in 2012 the best year for auto sales since 2007. the numbers overall would have been even better if you strip out a 1.6% decline in the price of gas. now, when it comes to that decline in gas prices, that led to lower inflation on wholesale side of the equation. the producer price index fell two-tenths of a percent last month from the month before. overall, wholesale side inflation in 2012 up only 1.3%. that compared to a 4.7% inacross in 2011 falling gas prices certainly helping out at the end of the year. stock market coming off a mixed day and looking at a lower open this morning. continuing concern over techs including apple and iphone 5 demand in the holiday quarter. a look at the big board the dow
6:50 am
is down 28. nasdaq down 21. s&p down 5. apple shares down another 2.25% at just over $490. and facebook heading to the 10:00 event this morning is trading flat. back to you guys. >> no insight on the facebook thing, either? >> reporter: no. we're hearing a number of things anything from better search functions to possibly a facebook branded phone. that's been rumored for a long time. also new messenger apps that kind of thing but so far nothing definitive. >> thank you it, kcbs financial reporter jason brooks. time for a look at what's coming up later this morning on "cbs this morning." norah o'donnell joins us. we know oprah is on the show. >> that's right. good morning. we are excited because only on "cbs this morning" oprah winfrey tells us how she landed her big interview with lance armstrong. so we'll talk about the extent of his confession and ask oprah if she thinks lance was telling the whole truth. plus, a death-defying dance. look at this. we'll show you how performers in oakland used the sides of
6:51 am
giant buildings as their stage. you might call it aerial art in the east bay. so lots to talk about with you as the news is back in the morning. see you at 7:00. >> we'll be tuned in at 7:00 for "cbs this morning." walmart is vowing to hire every veteran who wants a job. the world's largest retailer is expected to announce the plan today. walmart projects that could mean hiring more than 100,000 veterans over the next five years. hiring pledge is good for veterans who are within 12 months of leaving active duty and right now walmart employs 1.4 million workers in the united states. some other headlines around the bay, muni is poised to overhaul its outdated system for managing its train lines. a new $24 million communications network is up for approval today. it would feature integrated fiberoptic cables and uninterruptible power systems so the new technology will
6:52 am
enable muni to diagnose problems quickly and make adjustments cutting down on delays for passengers. and there's a new move to rename the san francisco airport after gay rights pioneer harvey milk. supervisor david campos plans to introduce the legislation today. milk of course was the san francisco supervisor back in 1978 when he and then the mayor george moscone were shot to death by former supervisor dan white. a new 7-eleven store in san mateo is ordered shut down. the city council agreed with neighbors that the store should not have been allowed to open in the first place. it's on property that is zoned residential. the company will appeal. the 24-hour store on san mateo drive opened just a couple of weeks ago. well, sometimes thieves find the most peculiar things to stay. >> you think? police in milwaukee, wisconsin are looking for a guy suspected of stealing flush valves from public toilets. the main targets are fast-food
6:53 am
restaurants and college campuses. >> we have located the suspect from some camera footage but right now we are pulling off a lot of footage. >> is there a market for these? >> apparently. >> well, here he is on surveillance video in the act. investigators think the thief may be selling the stolen goods. >> i think that's gross. >> desperate times. >> i hope he is washing them before he sells them. >> good point. time now 6:54. coming up a final check of your top stories including that massive fire we told you about that's consumed a pier in crockett. it's still burning. why it's considered suspicious. we'll have the latest coming up.
6:54 am
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[ telephone rings ] good evening this is flo. [laughs] yes, i'm that flo. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive. east bay. the fire is on a pier near the c and h sugar company in crocke back now at 6:57, you is
6:57 am
suspicious fire in the east bay -- a suspicious fire in the east bay on the pier, there was a similar fire there a couple of years ago. amtrak was disrupted because the tracks are close to the pier but they are up and running now. >> marin county is having a gun buy-back event similar to this at several locations today, three areas will buy back guns today. let's check weather and traffic. >> very cold out there right now around the bay area. colder than yesterday not seeing the wind outside. so freeze warnings up for many of the valleys even a frost advisory inside the bay. check the temperatures. 20s inland, 28 degrees in santa rosa, 28 fairfield and 29 in concord. this afternoon, we are enjoying some sunshine and a little bit warmer than yesterday. but then here we go. here comes some spring-like
6:58 am
weather the next few days. temperatures moving well into the 60s staying dry right through the weekend. >> elizabeth? >> looking good. word of a new accident in san jose. southbound guadalupe parkway approaching 280. they have the right lane blocked. possibly injury crash so we'll continue to watch that. in the meantime you heard frank mention amtrak service is restored. trains are running once again but still seeing this residual delay. we just got word 45 minutes right now so just a heads up because of an earlier fire. it is stacking up toward the foot of the maze. >> raise your hands if you want coffee. >> oh!! >> oh. >> it's unanimous. >> i'm going on a run. >> i am impressed. we did this entire show without coffee. >> our coffee machine broke. >> we need it fixed. >> yes, we do. >> thanks for watching. >> "cbs this morning" is next. that's mount diablo. beautiful. oprah on "cbs this morning" talking about lance armstrong. captions by: caption colorado
6:59 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. it is tuesday, january 15th, 2013, welcome to "cbs this morning." lance armstrong confesses to oprah winfrey, telling her he did use performance-enhanceing drugs. oprah joins us to talk about her exclusive interview. president obama warns america can't become a deadbeat nation. we'll hear surpriseing advice from newt gingrich in the debt ceiling battle. long accused of causing owebyowe obesity, coca-cola launches a new ad campaign. first your "eye opener." >> they do not forgiveness overnight, they do not expect people to drop their grudges against him overnight.

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